Гараар ганц хүнийг дийлэх. Tолгойгоор мянган хүнийг дийлэх.
Conquer one with your hands, a thousand with your head.
— Mongolian proverb

This is a website about computer science and engineering (including a collection of code snippets) and information about various other topics that people might find interesting or useful. Content is published infrequently, articles are updated when it makes sense. Parts may be rewritten at any time and without further notice.

Served as static pages without backend scripting or databases.


If you copy code and lose data or money, if you arrive late to work because of an unexpected corner case, if you mindlessly copy code onto your nuclear submarine and accidently blow up half of your coast, or in any other case: I take no responsibility for any side effects this site’s content causes. Make sure you understand what you are doing.


You can find the project page of turandot (a minimalistic PostgreSQL business-intelligence server) here.


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