New CO2 inline atomiser & magnetic valve

I got a CO2 inline atomiser from U.P. and a magnetic valve for overnight shutdown from Bavaria FluidTech.

Atomiser for CO2 fog

Directly after turning the system on for the first time, the atomiser creates a lot of small (but nonetheless easily recognisable) bubbles that float through the whole tank. This is mostly air that isn’t pressed out of the system yet.

After two days there is a notable difference: the bubbles are now incredibly small and you won’t see them at all if you are watching from more than 50 centimetres away. The atomiser creates a very fine CO2 fog that spreads through the whole tank.

I noticed that the bubbles are getting bigger again when the power of the filter pump decreases. Directly after cleaning the familiar fog returns.

First published on April 17, 2013